Friday, November 25, 2005

Casas Flotantes :: Floating Homes

Berlin based design company Wasserstadt Gmb have developed one of the world's most innovative and aesthetically pleasing water home projects in the world. Destined for it's location on Berlin's inland waterways, eleven final concepts have been chosen from an international competition to grace the waterways with the ultra modern homes afloat. Named H20, the floating homes differ in shape and size with floor plans ranging from 168 - 207 square meters and outdoor areas from 40 to 131 sqm. The core of the homes consist of bathroom , kitchen and mechanical systems, whereas the living areas are located in the structures outer shell. It's not just the individual homes that look so appealing, it's how they look as a unit. The three sets of four floating homes have been designed to allow transparency and panoramic views through them to extend views over the waterways.

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